Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Independence Day - July 4th

This time of year is pretty fun for me and full of memories. My oldest daughter was born on July 2nd 1976. The bi-centennial year of our nation's birthdate. I was hoping she'd wait just 2 more days and be born on 4th of July! Every year we'd celebrate with the immediate family on her birthday, but at all cookouts and camping or wherever we were, we'd celebrate with everyone on July 4th. So she was kind of lucky to have 2 birthday parties. The down side was many times her friends were out of town on vacation when it was her birthday, so party attendance was a little lacking. (So, we moved it a little later in July :)

I also get pretty patriotic at this time. I think of my Dad who served at the end of WWII and during Korea. He was a 'lifer' and a patriot. No matter what sort of problems he had, he was first and foremost a veteran. My "husband" is also a patriot. He served in the Air Force and then was a 'lifer' working for Dept of Def for the Navy. He is a wonderful man and I love him very much. I am proud of his service and his sense of duty.

So, Happy Birthday Tamara - I love you sooooooooooo much!!! And Happy Birthday US, stay strong, we need you the most right now.

"...And in the end
The love you take
is equal to the love you make."

---The Beatles

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