Tuesday, October 31, 2006

terrible accident

not sure if this story will make the paper, but I'm going to try to follow up. We left our house this morning for work (me) and school (Beka). She drops me at work and then heads to school. It actually works out pretty good most mornings. We get time together in the car for about 20 min or so and start the day right!!

So this morning was different. VERY different. We were only a couple miles from our house on the main road, heading west to I-5 when in front of us we saw something fly off of this truck in the other lane. I only saw it out of the corner of my eye and I thought it was a blown tire, until we got a little closer. It wasn't a tire at all - it was a MAN ON A BICYCLE!! The truck hit a man on his bike in the bike lane and was probably traveling at at least 55 MPH, maybe more. IT WAS BIZARRE AS HELL!! We were both so freaking out!!

People pulled over to help out, and fortunately the truck that hit the man pulled over. We couldn't, we were in the fast lane and traffic prohibited us from pulling over to the right. We did call 911 and that was an experience of its own!

dialed 911
got a recording in English and then Spanish
put on hold
4 minutes later, an operator answered
the operator didn't speak very fluent English, or had some issue listening/hearing because they kept saying the intersection we named did not exist - kept repeating everything my daughter said, but FINALLY understood everything.

The whole 911 experience was even more upsetting because it took so long to answer the phone. My God, I just hope and pray I or my family doesn't have a REAL emergency - I fear for our lives!

I prayed for this gentleman on the bike and I ask that you do too. I doubt that I will ever know what happened to him, but I know that God answers prayers.

"Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired."
- Robert Frost

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